"Enhance your business workflow"
Intelligent Document Processing
"Enhance your business workflow"
Intelligent Document Processing

Are you Drowning in Paperwork?

Does your business have a distributed workforce sending data back to a central point?


Simplify your Processes

iDocpro digitises your paperwork within your own tailored app and portal solution.

Capture photos, push & pull information and standardise documents; linking your team together both online and offline. This live data from your app then feeds into your customised portal, automatically linking your CRM, email and documentation all in one place.


How you benefit


Empower your workforce by simplifying processes


Use real time data to manage your business

Quality Control

Ensure consistency in your documentation

Cost Reduction

Improve staff efficiency and increase productivity

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce costs and help build a sustainable future

Risk Reduction

Protect your business and secure your data

'iDocpro collects the information your business wants from wherever your business needs to be.'

Your Solution

iDocpro’s solution streamlines your documentation, and centralises your business processes into one easy to access portal.

1. App

Collect the information you need both in the office and on the go.

2. Cloud Portal

Manage your company from the cloud with real time business information.

3. Client Relationship Manager

Automatically link your documents and files with both customers and staff.

4. Reporting

Get real time reports on projects and productivity.



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